From initial consultation to project completion, we offer a full range of architectural and design services. We listen, we develop, we explore, we discuss to make sure an optimum design is reached. We provide everything from sketches to 3D virtual models to let your dream come to life. Then, we make it reality, managing and working with selected builders, craftspeople and specialist consultants.

Our expertise goes far beyond just developing a design for your home or commercial project. We support and guide you through all crucial stages.

Initial Consultation and Project Planning


What we do:

Meet you to view your house or site
Gather more information and ask questions: What is your vision for the project? What are the requirements or possible constrictions?
Carry out an initial appraisal of your house or site
Discuss crucial project parameters such as budget, time frame, Planning & Building Regulations, energy efficiency and sustainable design
Advise on next important steps such as project scope, fee structure or involving other service providers

What we will provide you with:

A written assesment including:

– project outline and scope (your ‘Brief’)
– budget estimate (broad range of typical costs)
– detailed proposal for architectural services including fees for all project stages.

Try our Starter Consultation offer: Initial Consultation, Advice and Brief Development at a fixed price.


Site/Building Survey & Initial Sketch Design


What we do:

Provide an accurate measured survey of your house or site
Create a sophisticated 3D virtual model which allows you to explore your existing house and/or site under real-life conditions over your computer, tablet or mobile device
Develop design ideas that interpret and complement your ideas creatively, always with added value in mind
Prepare initial sketch designs and feasibility studies as a decision base for further steps
Advise you on measures to ensure sustainable, Energy Efficient Design, which benefits both your own health and comfort as well as the environment
Offer advice on budget implications, planning, building regulations as well as health & safety requirements and obligations

What we will provide you with:

Preliminary design report, including sketch ideas (2D drawings as well as 3D images & Virtual Model), an initial estimate of costs as well as a proposal for the project’s timeline. This creates a comprehensive base to decide on your next steps. Ready for Step 3.


Detailed Design, Planning Permission & Building Regulations


What we do:

Advance initial designs, developing them in more detail.
Advise on the legal requirements around Planning Permission and any Planning Exemptions.
Submit a planning application for approval from your local authority and submit designs for pre-application advice, if necessary
Ensure adherence of the design to Building Regulations
Prepare and submit required documentation such as forms, site notices, drawings and reports
Manage communication with the planning department and advise on resulting application fees
Inform you on the application progress, further requests and of course any decisions

What we will provide you with:

We will issue you with your planning drawings and any submitted reports, as well as update you on any Planning Applications. Once we receive your Planning Permission, it’s time for Step 4.


Detail Drawings & Production Information / Specifications


What we do:

Develop, discuss and refine a detailed design, based on your needs and preferences. This includes general arrangement plans, construction details, finishes, materials and fixtures details, electrical and lighting layouts and services layouts.
Provide production information drawings for the construction process.
Create and coordinate designs and specifications with Structural Engineer, Building Services Engineer and Quantity Surveyor, if appointed.
Issue a detailed design specification to ensure your budget is kept while all standards and expectations are being met.

What we will provide you with:

A set of detailed production drawings and specification documents which act as guidance for the builder during the construction process. This ensures the quality of the build and prevents any unwanted costs during a later project stage. But for now, it’s time for step 5.




What we do:

Collate the required documentation to selected contractors
Create a preliminary list of possible candidates, taking into account your suggestions, our experience and the company’s availability
Decide on a shortlist of prospective contractors
Submit all relevant documentation
Answer any arising questions by the tendering companies
Review and negotiate incoming tender offers
Recommend appropriate insurance arrangements between you and the builder
Add amendments to facilitate potential savings or to improve the contract before signing

Where applicable, we collaborate with the appointed Quantity Surveyor (Cost Consultant) on this.

What we will provide you with:

A builder with whom to proceed to the construction process (Step 6).


Building Works / Contract Administration


What we do:

Set up a contract between you and the selected builder
Issue the drawings to ensure the works on site can start
Administer the Building Contract during the construction works, incl. management of any changes and payments
Provide additional info to the builder within the set scope of the project
Information exchange and review with builder and consulting specialists
Monitor the progress of the work by regular site visits (usually every fortnight)
Make final inspections after Practical Completion, issue snag lists, and finalise the contract

What we will provide you with:

Our thorough support through the construction phase, resulting in your completed project, wrapped up and ready to move into.


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